A History of RINGO at the Olympics "... a revolt against discrimination - racial, religious or political ... "
- Avery Brundage (I.O.C. president, 1952 - 1972)
I. February 8th to 23rd, 1992 - Albertville, France   ( Albertville '92 )
On January 23, 1992, RINGO was en route to attend its first Olympic Games. The first destination was Annecy, France where the Canadian Olympic Team Members* gathered from January 28th to February 5th before proceeding to their respective Olympic villages. During this time, the Canadians had a chance to play a special version of RINGO, "Rendez-Vous Annecy '92", which featured all of the 1992 Olympic Team members.

The first of three RINGO contests began on February 3, five days before the Olympic Games. The 3 contests spanned a 3 week period (21 days), with the last one finishing on the last day of the Olympic Games. Each Canadian team member received a total of 3 game cards, one for each of the 3 series of contests. Journal Canada, an official circular that was distributed to all of the Olympic villages, published a set of 5 RINGOs daily, featuring past international Olympians and some facts about the International Olympic Committee (I.O.C.).

The first players with a row of 5 matching RINGOs would present the completed RINGO game cards, as soon as possible, day or night, to the administration officer at the Olympic village for verification. Prizes were provided by the Canadian Olympic Association which included day trips, special dinners with I.O.C. members, and luggage.